Hill Shandong Cable Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, is headquartered in the Chinese hot springs - Jinan, Shandong Shanghe. Companies through the establishment of independent research and innovation to develop and introduce innovative combination of innovation system, has formed a five series, thirty seven models specifications. The "anti-flooding closed load bearing cable" is based on domestic oil sealed construction requirements successfully developed the first environmentally-friendly new products, its smooth, smooth, corrosion-resistant and easy to play, the characteristics of wear-resistant, long life, is bound to the use of units to bring good economic and social benefits.

Cable industry is one of the main factors of the national ec


Cable industry is one of the main factors of the national economy stable condition, the country and the world has become an essential industry. Current

Development of environmentally friendly cables and large-sca


Environmental product is already a global consensus, any one industry businesses must comply with this rule, energy saving ideas originated from the Un

Productivity is the fundamental science and technology needs


Development of science and technology to promote the rapid growth of the productive forces Zhengzhou control cable industry. At present, Chinas wire an

On the plastic insulated wire and cable extrusion technolog


The basic way plastic wire and cable insulation layer and a protective layer is produced by a single-screw extruder, continuous extrusion carried out.

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